Blue Tree Enterprises - a collaboration of Artists, Artisans, Fabricators and Carpenters

Making all of your Artistic Dreams come to Life!!  

Blue Tree Enterprises is an Art Company based out of Henderson NV, established in 2012. We are a collaboration of Artists, Artisans, Fabricators and Carpenters.

Our team is capable to take on any size art project from start to finish! We do it ALL from the design, build, packaging, shipping, and installation. 
What makes us unique is our affiliation with a B1 general contractor licensed in both Nevada and California, which in return gives us a deeper insight into the logistics of corporate and public art. This also allows us to bridge the gap between contractors and designers as to the practicalities of the art piece and the installation.

We have the ability to do everything from small to large scale pieces and can provide full architectural and engineering services when required.
Blue Tree Enterprises builds individual masterpieces or large quantity, mass production of the same piece of art.



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